Tia Ramblings
Not so invisible after all…

High school. Is crazy. And it’s all the fault of the male gender. well maybe not :P But why does it all have to be so dificult. Like really? Grade 9 and 10 consistied of trying to stand out and not be invisible in this new world. And grade 11 and 12 its all trying to be a good person even to people who I really wish I could be mean to! Anyway, It’s now my goal to make sure that everyone is heard. I mean like I will try to listen to what everyone has to say. I think that we all have the tendency to overlook people. And really, just talking to people about what is important to them could teach you a lot of things. I am also trying to to be afraid anymore. Not afraid of what people think about me all the time and just being myself. Don’t be afraid to talk to whoever and dont be afraid to say whatever.

Drawn to You

An intake of breath
The smell makes me dizzy
The mix of cologne and you
It’s those thoughts that it gives me

Think things that shouldn’t be thought
Because hurting is what I do best
But just the thought of you
Makes me crazier then the rest

I’m drawn to you
It’s just the way that you act
The confidence that you have
And those smirks that I get

The feel of your heat next to me
It prickles my skin
A whole other life imagined
Which doesn’t involve him

I’m drawn to you
And I don’t know why
The memories start fading
And I want new ones to be mine

But I know it won’t happen
Or at least I tell myself that
I cannot hurt him
So that’s the end of that


But your voice could make me shiver
You make me want to impress
Somehow I am drawn to you
I still feel the hard beat in my chest

Thud, thud, thud.
And it won’t stop

Inspired by the painting “A New Day Dawning”

Pink skies at sun rise with a gentle wind blowing through my hair.

Copper strands illuminate and shine as the rays begin to softly glare.

Total peace and a clear mind leaves me thinking of perfection.

Natures colours, untainted and beautiful without man’s careful selection.

Streaming thoughts the contradict together flow into the morning air.

How can everything else around me seem so sure, so solid without a visible tear.

Stifled dreams and unknown paths? It doesn’t seem possible out here.

But as soon as I walk back inside the box my thoughts will be anything but clear.

Mind Fucked

So every once in a while, a person has their defining memories. I guess you could say that those things may be different to every person. I actually have no idea where I am going with this at all. But I’d like to say that on my cheer trip, I have been mind fucked. I guess. Maybe. Hopefully you can say things like fuck on here. I feel it helps to get the point across. So maybe now I think of everything in a differant way… or maybe I’m just still the same person. I have no clue but I feel like somthing has changed and I’m not exactly sure what. Even as I am typing this, the feeling is going away and I think I’m becoming myself again. Or some person that I’m expected to be. Fuck, I’m not making sense.


So I have no idea how this thing works here but I’m gonna figure it out eventually! I have never even though about blogging before, but it seems like fun. I have no idea if anyone will ever read anything I write, but maybe.

I’m basically here to write about everything and anything that bugs me or just whatever happens to be on my mind. Mostly life in general and I just want to see if other people think the same way that I do! I hope so :/